AfterShock: what to do when the doctor gives you -- or someone you love -- a devastating diagnosis, Jessie Gruman Ph.D.

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Table of Contents of AfterShock: What To Do When the Doctor Gives You — or Someone You love — a Devastating Diagnosis

Chapter 1: In Shock

  • I'm Stunned....
  • What is Happening to Me?
  • Common Reactions
  • Commonsense Help for Getting Through the First 48 Hours

Chapter 2: Get Acquainted with Your Disease and Its Treatment

  • Why Do You Need to Know Basic Facts about Your Condition and its Treatment?
  • How Much Information Do You Need?
  • Taking the Basic Approach
  • Taking the Comprehensive Approach
  • Judging the Information Behind the Answers
  • A Short Note about the Internet

Chapter 3: Involve Others

  • Telling Others
  • Involving Families
  • Getting a Little Help from Friends and Family

Chapter 4: Find the Right Doctors and Hospitals

  • Find Out More about Your Doctor or Not?
  • Common Questions
  • Ideas from Physicians about Finding the Right Doctors
  • Six Things That Doctors Want Patients to Know About Doctors
  • Your Strategy for Finding the Right Doctor
  • Are You Choosing among Hospitals?

Chapter 5: Gather Opinions about Your Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Why Should I Consider Seeking Additional Opinions about My Condition?
  • Under What Circumstances Should I Definitely Seek Additional Expert Opinions?
  • How Should I Approach Gathering Expert Opinions?
  • How Do I Tell My Doctor I Want to Get Another Opinion?
  • How Do I Actually Go about Getting Additional Opinions?
  • How Do I Make Sense of What I Learn?

Chapter 6: Get Timely Care

  • A Few Facts You Should Know...
  • What Scheduling Staff and Physicians Say about Urgent Consultations and Taking on New Patients
  • Making Appointments: What Do You Say?
  • Taking Along a Partner
  • The Right Information about You at the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Now Is the Time to Learn a Little About Privacy and Informed Consent

Chapter 7: What about Work?

  • To Work or Not to Work?
  • How Can My Employer Be Helpful?
  • What Do Human Resources Experts Advise about How to Maximize the Benefit of Your Benefits?
  • How will My Co-Workers Be Affected by My Condition?

Chapter 8: Pay for Care

  • The Three Things You Need to Know about Your Health Plan / Health Insurance Right Now
  • Rules of Thumb for Making Use of Your Health Benefit
  • Taking Care of Business

Chapter 9: Find a Little Relief

  • Where Can You Find Some Relief?
    • Maintain a Routine
    • Seek Distraction
    • Relax Physically
    • Read and Write
    • Explore or Affirm Spirituality
    • Talk to Others Facing a Similar Challenge
    • Join a Support Group
    • Make Use of Complementary Medicine
    • Seek Counseling
  • What about Family Support?

Chapter 10: Take Your Next Steps

  • Want to Make God Laugh? Tell Him Your Plan.
  • How Do I Make Decisions about Treatment?
  • What Do You Need to be Able to Function?
  • Thoughts on How to Keep Moving
  • Reflections on Taking the Next Steps

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