AfterShock: what to do when the doctor gives you -- or someone you love -- a devastating diagnosis, Jessie Gruman Ph.D.

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APPENDICES : Introduction to the AfterShock Appendices

The appendices in AfterShock present a selection of good resources for people to personalize the ideas I discuss in the book.

But as people become more interested in health — and as their health plans and employers require them to become more active "consumers" of health care — the number of websites, books and services that provide support and help rapidly expands.

Websites, phone numbers and/or descriptions of resources and organizations provided in either the AfterShock content or appendices may have changed since the second edition was published in 2010. Please refer to and use online search engines to check for accuracy.

A small sample of resources from the appendices in the 2010 edition of AfterShock were reviewed and updated in June 2014. No further updates are anticipated.

The Appendices — Last Update June 2010

A: Starting to Learn about Your Disease
B: Digging Deeper: A Guide to Greater Expertise
C: Books on Family and Illness
D: Finding the Right Doctors and Hospitals
E: Clinical Trials and Second Opinion Services
F: A Short Course on Medical Privacy
G: A Guide to Health Care Professionals
H: Disease-Specific Nonprofit Organizations
I: Keeping Up with Financial and Administrative Matters